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It's Personal

Basilius, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been in business since 1952. You’ll find hands-on ownership
in every key operation and process. We work as an
extension of your team to assure absolute quality. And
we’re driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction
rooted in accountability, responsiveness and service excellence.

Quality Reassurance

Basilius, Inc. meets the international standards for quality
and performance. In-house validation processes ensure
that the tooling and parts we supply will meet or exceed
your quality standards. ISO-9001 Certified

A Simple Source. A Simple Solution

Often, it is more efficient and economical to let Basilius
do the job from start to finish. Our centralized facility
makes it possible for us to handle every step of the
process under one roof. And that’s your assurance of consistent quality, continuity, and conformity to your
part specifications. It’s an integrated approach that
streamlines solutions to get your parts to market faster.

Basilius General Terms and Conditions of Sale

ISO Certificate of Registration

From Specialized Assistance to Turn-Key Solutions

Basilius is a full-service plastics part supplier, which can support as much or as little of
your project development as you choose. If you need technical assistance for part design,
we have the equipment and expertise to assist you from step one through project
completion. If your design is complete, we can build molds directly from your part
design. If you need machine time for short term production runs, or are looking for a
permanent home for your existing tools, we will meet your injection molding needs.
Basilius, Inc. is truly a one-stop shop.

Our Services

•  Part Design •  Prototype Tooling •  Injection Molding
•  Mold Design •  Production Tooling •  Secondary Operations
•  Analysis •  Automation Equipment •  Part Assembly