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Mold Design

Design: The Art of the Part

Though design may represent a small percentage of your part’s total 
cost, it impacts every aspect of production. This is the time to design
in efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Part Design

Bring us your idea and we’ll take it from concept to a workable design. 
Using solid modeling, we will transform your design from an inspiration 
to a finished part. Our staff of designers will work with you to see that
your needs are fulfilled.

Tooling Design

When we design and engineer tools, we factor quality, efficiency and
durability into the equation. We look at every detail to anticipate
potential problems. Our years of experience allow us to enhance your
tool to provide trouble-free operation and consistent performance.
Using mold filling simulation software, we can determine optimum
gate location(s) and potential molding problems before the mold is built.